About VMAC

 Virtual Military Airlift Command
Was co-founded in 1997 by my self, Lloyd Mendenhall, and  Lindy Northam Jr. another  FS pilot.
We had 4 original members.
Lindy D. Northam Jr.
L. Doyle Northam Sr.
Lloyd Mendenhall
Mike Fletcher.
We were soon joined by
Al Fischer and Patrick Reynolds.
In 1999 Grant Smith Joined the ranks of VMAC and became our Graphics designer.
Grant brought a lot to VMAC
We were then joined by Lee Horrabin (Grants buddy) and finally  by Paul McCullough
At around 2000 Lindy Northam left VMAC due to differences in the day to day running of VMAC.
As I Lloyd Mendenhall owned to name and web site I retained control of VMAC.
Over the years VMAC has changed a lot.
We merged with The Charlie Foxtrot Company in 2003.
I still maintained ownership of VMAC.
In August 2009 I Started the work of Rebuilding VMAC
I will try to work with all VA's to help promote Flight Simming as a Hobby.
Please be patient  as Grant, Paul  and I rebuild VMAC.